Awards & screenings


Mindfield ABQ Winner Laurel.jpg

Mindfield film festival

Albuquerque, New Mexico - April 2nd

Diamond Awards: Best Visual Effects

Platinum Awards: Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Cinematography

Silver Awards: Best Original Score

LASA_Laurel_March_2018 (1).png

LA shorts awards

Los Angeles, California - March 21st

Diamond Awards: Best Sci-Fi, Best Visual Effects, Best Make-Up

Platinum Awards: Best Editing, Best Lighting

Silver Awards: Best Actress, Best Screenplay


International Independent Film Awards

Encino, California - March 18th

Diamond Awards: Cinematography, Digital Effects, Editing, Original Score, Sound Design, Special Effects Makeup

Platinum Awards: Narrative Short, Leading Actress, Supporting Actress, Casting, Directing, Screenplay, Stunts


Oniros Film Festival

Aosta, Italy - March 29th

Best Fan Film, Best Supporting Actress, Best Visual Effects, Best Prosthetic, Best Sound Design, Best Editing

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Rome Elephant Film Awards - 2018.png

rome elephant film awards

Rome, Italy - March 25th


NYC Laurel 2018.png

nyc indie film awards

New York, New York - March 17th

Diamond Awards: Best Short Film, Best Visual Effects

Platinum Awards: Best Editing, Best Cinematography

Gold Awards: Best Score, Best Screenplay


life, the universe, and everything

Provo, Utah - February 17th

Special Screening